5 Italian superstitions you probably never heard of!

5 Italian superstitions you probably never heard of!

The Italians are famous for many things. There's pizza, pasta, art, architecture and of course you can't forget the fashion! 

The Italians are also famous for their philosophy on life.

Their passion and love of life shines through from the food to their attitude. 

But just as important food is to an Italian is their passion for superstitions!

Lets have a look at the top 5 most famous superstitions still used today in Italy!

1. The Evil Eye (Malocchio)

A Cornicello Necklace by Bella Luck Charms | Made in Italy

They say to drop olive oil in a bowl of water and if it forms one large drop you have the Malocchio. The evil eye is bad energy usually brought upon by jealousy or envy from another person. To ward against it, the Italians use a good luck charm called the Cornicello.

The Cornicello is a lucky bulls horn traditionally made from coral and hung in people houses or more modernly, worn as a necklace.


2. The Horned Hand (Corno)

Horned Hand Pendant | Bella Luck Charms | Italian Cornicello Jewelry

The Corno similar to the Cornicello is a hand gesture extending the index fingers and little fingers in the shape of horn. Traditionally is should be pointed down to ward off the evil eye or negativity. The Corno can also be worn as jewelry including necklaces and bracelets as a lucky charm. 


3. The Number 13

The Number 13 is very lucky in Italy especially in gambling. Although lucky, you wont find a table seating 13 people at any restaurant in Italy as its considered a bad omen.

The unluckiest number in Italy is 17, when written in roman numerals it can be rearranged to spell “I have lived” which to some Italians can feel like the number is tempting death.


4. Marriage Superstitions

In Italy they say never get married on a Friday or Tuesday or its bad luck. Sunday is still the luckiest day to get married in Italy as it brings prosperity and fertility to the newlyweds. And believe it or not rain on your wedding day is also considered good luck! It is believed to bring an abundance of happiness and good fortune to the newlyweds.


5. Treat bread with respect

They say eating like a peasant is living like a king in Italy as sometimes the best food is the simplest. Bread in Italy is sacred and considered a symbol of life so it must always be placed facing up and never upside down. Also to attract bad luck, just stick a knife into you're bread.



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