Italian Magic or just Superstition?

Italian Magic or just Superstition? The Cornicello is Good Luck | Bella Luck Charms

Italian folklore traditions date back to Roman times, but is it just superstition or is it really Italian Magic?

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Italian magic or not, good luck charms can be found all over Italy but it is serious business in the south of Italy.

The Cornicello (bulls horn) and Horned Hands (corna) can be found in the markets from Naples to Calabria bringing good luck to Italians for centuries. Traditionally hung in houses or in cars, little Italian horns and good luck charms are coming back!

The ultimate trending jewelry of 2021 is the corno! With young Italians bringing the traditional jewelry of their nonna back to life. Wearing cornicello necklaces, bracelets and even cornicello anklets.

Jewelry is serious business in Italy. The Cornicello and Horned Hand necklaces are now being worn on gold and silver necklaces - becoming the new fashion trend of 2021.

Usually gifted at a young age, The horned hand is a hand gesture resembling a horn and it is used to ward of the malocchio (evil eye) bad energy which in turn creates bad luck. The Cornicello also is used for the same intentions but is a Bulls Horn traditionally made from red coral that dates back to Roman times.


Whether you believe in superstitions or magic, the Cornicello and the Horned Hand is one of the oldest good luck charms in the world. It has stood the test of time and survived, all the while giving people luck and protection. And lets face it, a bit of extra luck doesn't hurt anyone!

They say the luckiest people are the ones that feel lucky, so wearing a Cornicello Necklace you do feel a sense of being a little luckier and protected. And it just so happens to be the trendiest necklace in Italy right now! 

So in conclusion we say you don't need Buona Fortuna (Good Luck) you just need a Cornicello Necklace. And good luck will be attracted to you!

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