5 Ways the Italians attract more luck in their life

5 Ways the Italians attract more luck in their life

There is no doubt the Italians are a resourceful, clever and lucky bunch. From the central location of their country in the middle of the Mediterranean to creating the finest cuisine in the world. It's safe to say the Italians have luck on their side. Here's how they do it:


1. Choose the perfect location

Italy is located right smack bang in the middle of the Mediterranean sea and there is no doubt this has been advantageous and a strategic position. Trade routes on the sea were fast and there is also something very lucky about the geology of Italy that make it so special. From the lagoons of Venice, mountains in the north, volcanic soil and cliff top towns on the Amalfi. The location and geology of Italy have definingly tipped the odds in their favor. 


2. Get creative

There is no doubt the culture of creativity has served Italy well. Artists like Leonardo Da Vinci sacrificed and mastered their trade and gave the world some of the most valuable treasures the world has ever seen. From the architecture, art, inventions, aqueducts and clever town layouts Italian creativity has made a vast and rich country.


3. Adorn oneself with beautiful objects

Since the Roman times, Artisans have been creating magnificent jewelry, textiles and setting fashion trends around the world. Making Italy the fashion and style capital of the world. Italy has become the second largest gold jewelry producer on the earth. And lucky people know how to create unique businesses that stand the test of time. 


4. Don't copy, innovate

The Italians have never copied, they have always paved their own way. From inventing Opera and scientific discoveries the Italians never looked around to see what other people were doing, instead they just created and invented their own way of living and doing things. Luck favors the bold and the Italians live being bold.


5. Forget about it!

The Italians never chase or work too hard! Carpe Diem is in their nature and so is relaxing and not caring. The Italians know if they work quietly and patiently they're luck will change. After all Rome wasn't built in a day.


As you can see if you live like an Italian your luck is sure to change!


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