What is a Cornicello?

What is a cornicello? | Bella Luck Charms

The cornicello, cornetto or corno as some Italians say, is a lucky charm to protect against the evil eye. Shaped like a little red horn, Italians have been wearing and hanging the cornicello for centuries.

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There is evidence the cornicello goes back thousands of years to Roman times with the red horn symbols found in Pompeii and Rome.

A symbol of fertility, the red horn has been found in houses in Pompeii and the surrounding areas near Vesuvius and Naples.

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Today, the cornicello is often worn as jewelry in Italy, the red horn charm is a symbol of hope and good luck. It is said to repel against the malocchio (evil eye) and promote good fortune. 

In addition to jewlery you can also find the cornicello charm hanging in peoples houses, above doorways or outside a window.

The twisted shaped horn charm worn as jewelry in the south of Italy is often in its statement red however you can find the cornicello in coral, gold and silver.

With the rise of good luck charm jewelry in Italy, Greece and France you can now find young girls wearing the corno's in pink, white and baby blue.

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Own your own Cornicello and protect against the evil eye today.



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