The Power Of The Lucky Cornicello

The Power Of The Lucky Cornicello

The history of the Cornicello can be traced back to Roman and Greek times. Pronounced 'Corn-i-chello' or 'corno' as some Italians say, the cornicello has endured centuries of conquerers and yet is still as powerful as ever.

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A classic feature on Italian streets, markets and stalls you can also find the corno on gold chains, bracelets, earrings, basically anywhere you can see it!

Traditionally, will find the corno in red around Italy however you can also find the the lucky Italian horn worn in gold and many other colors. 

Whatever your beliefs the cornicello is a powerful lucky charm every jewelry collector needs. Who wouldn't want a fashionable piece of jewelry, thousands of years old, rich in history and full of good luck!

Why are good luck charms so lucky?

A good luck charm is a powerful force that can influence your life. A good charm can be anything from a lucky coin, jewelry, family heirlooms, charms, a cornicello necklace, evil eye bracelet, a lucky figurine or statue or maybe its something your grandma gave you and you just have to have it with you.

Your lucky charm is anything you believe is lucky and special to you.

Researchers have found people who believe in good luck charms often believe anything is possible, recognise opportunities everywhere they go and generally take more chances.

In fact, there is so much overwhelming research that just believing in your lucky charm attracts more luck.

And lucky people are generally more optimistic, believing in their own luck and that they can make anything happen. Lucky people sieze opportunities and trust their instincts more. An unlucky person is more likely to hesitate and overanalyse a situation.

So what are you waiting for? Science has proven lucky charms work and what better lucky charm to own than a necklace from Bella Luck Charms. 

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