5 Ways You Can Increase Your Luck Now

5 ways you can increase your luck now | Bellaluckycharms.com

Have you ever wondered why some people are lucky and others don’t seem to have any luck at all? What if I told you, you could influence lady luck? You can also be one of the lucky ones.

Luck is not fixed and reserved for the few. Rather the universe is abundant and there is enough luck to go around.


Here a few simple tricks and tips you can do now to increase your luck:


  1. Change your attitude

Lucky people are positive go-getters in life. They don’t see obstacles, they see opportunities. Their attitude influences situations and people around them, therefore, making themselves more lucky.


  1. What you are, you become so believe you are lucky

Start believing you are lucky and notice when things go right. Once you start noticing and acknowledging the luck that is around you, you become more optimistic and your luck grows as a result. 


  1. Get a good luck charm

Studies have shown people who own good luck charms are generally more optimistic and lucky! Just the belief in your good luck charm can change your mood, perspective and give you hope which can all change the course of destiny. Seeing and believing in your good luck charm can be a daily reminder of your hopes and dreams helping you to take action daily. 


  1. Relax

When we are in a heightened state of stress and anxiety we often miss the occasions that can open for doors for us. We miss the people who can help us or the article that could move us forward. Opportunities come to the relaxed when they’re not forced and when we least expect it.


  1. Be Consistent

Lucky people never give up and keep going consistently.  The lucky consistently work towards their goals, constantly reaffirming their lucky status. Consistent in their actions and beliefs making them a luck magnet to the outside world.


  1. Take Action

Not only are lucky people consistent, but they also take action. Unlucky people are paralyzed by analysis while the lucky people just get on with it. Taking action is the lucky persons motto.


You have full control over your luck and increase it at will so what are you waiting for go get lucky!

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