How to protect against the Malocchio in 2022 and have an amazing year!

How to protect against the Malocchio in 2022 and have an amazing year!

If you want banish those bad vibes in 2022 then this is the blog post for you! 

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The malocchio is a widespread belief of the evil eye in Italy and if you want to have the most amazing 2022, here is how to banish all negative energy for good.  

The malocchio has been officially banished for all of 2022.


1. Forgive and Forget

It's harder said than done, I know. However, the more negative energy you put out into the universe towards your enemies, the more the malocchio comes back to you. Never speak ill of another and never wish harm on another. Forgive, let go and wish them well.


2.  Be careful who you share your good news to

The malocchio or 'green eye' is also known as the envious or jealous eye. So if you don't want to attract the green eye be careful what you share, which includes good news. Guard your words and only share your good news to people who truly support you. 


3. Positive thoughts only

Not only should you treat others with forgiveness but you should also have compassion for yourself which includes encompassing a positive attitude with your thoughts and actions. A part of repelling negative energy is counteracting it with positive energy. think and speak positivity thoughts only. 


4. Believe you are protected 

Whatever you need to do to believe you are protected, live and believe it. That might be wearing Nonna's necklace or having a plant outside the front door. Whatever you need to do, superstitious or not, do it and believe it with all your soul. Believe protection is all around you at all times and watch your world transform. 


5. Choose an amulet 

Studies have shown wearing or owning a lucky charm makes people feel lucky, positive and overall protected Lucky amulets around the house also remind the subconscious that we are attracting positive energy only into our homes. So choose your amulet or charm and send those bad vibes away. 

Have an amazing 2022 and banish the evil eye today!  


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