Here's why Italians know their jewelry!

Here's why the Italians know their jewelry! | Bella Luck Charms

When you walk the streets of Italy for the first time its easy to see what sets the Italians apart. Whether your in Milan the fashion capital of the world or down south on the Amalfi Coast, its easy to be inspired by the most fashionable and passionate culture in Europe.

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An if there is one thing that stands out and that Italian's know - it's their jewelry! Here's why the Italians have perfected the art of jewelry design and what makes it so unique.


Ordinary doesn't exist! 

There is no doubt Italians know their fashion, they are brought up around fashion. With most major Italian fashion houses being based in Milan from Versace to Fendi, you will never see an Italian wearing a tracksuit down the street.

But its the accessories that really sets them apart. Italian culture is fashion but jewelry is also a big part in Italian culture, gold necklaces, sterling silver are often bought at a young age with jewelry being given as presents for birthdays and communions. 


Creativity and Passion goes way back!

Italy is a creative superpower going back thousands of years and still to this day, its history plays a vital role. Like food, the regions have there own creative specialty and uniqueness. The north are known to be modern and professional while the south, casual and laidback. However, it doesnt matter what part of Italy you go to their passion for jewelry is found everywhere in every corner.

It is typical for a young Italian to be gifted their first gold necklace at a usually a Cornicello or a horned hand which is a good luck charm that goes back to Roman times.


Italians know good Jewelry

Italian consumers are better educated about quality good jewelry from a young age than any other country in the world. They want the real thing and appreciate artisan craftsmanship.

So lets talk statistics, Italians own more and spend more on jewellery per capita than the U.S. and Italy has more than 58 million people and just over 20,000 jewellery shops and the U.S has 261 million people and 28,100 jewellery shops. Italians also consume 110 tones of fine gold jewelry annually. One word - wow!


What is La Bella Figura?

The Italians live by the famous saying 'La Bella Figura' which means to make a good impression or putting your best face forward. Women never leave the house without being put together and we all know the Italians love to look their best at all times. Wearing the best jewelry possible is also a must.


Whats trending right now in Italy

Italians are big on traditions and whats trending. And the good luck charm or pendant is making a come back. The Cornicello or Italian horn is no longer reserved for their grandparents but is trending with new generation which is said to ward off the evil eye (the malocchio).

The Italian Good Luck charm isn't going anywhere anytime soon and is the new fashion trend of 2021! Buona Fortuna!


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