5 Signs you need a Lucky Cornicello in your life

5 Signs you need a Lucky Cornicello in your life | Bella Luck Charms


There are signs everywhere and the more we are aware and in-tune with them the better. The Italian cornicello is a symbol of good luck and protection and when the universe is trying to talk to us, it's time to listen!


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Here are five signs you need a lucky cornicello in your life:


Sign 1. You heard someone was talking about you

I'm not saying they put the malocchio on you but who wants to take the chance! If you suspect an evil eye vibe has been sent your way, yep it's definitely a sign to get your most powerful cornicelli out and send those bad vibes away. 


Sign 2. Your lasagna skills seem off 

Your lasagna use to be the talk of the town. Everyone was asking for your recipe. It was your signature dish. Every Sunday the family would look forward to it and then all of a sudden your famous lasagna starts to dry out or maybe it's too wet? 

You know it's time to get a corno necklace when the whole family agrees your lasagnas just aren't what they use to be.


Sign 3. You're down on your luck

Ever had a series of events that are just unlucky and they don't happen in three's, it's four or five things in a row.

Sometimes when we are down on our luck we need a boost from lady luck. Solution, a cornicello in your favourite lucky colour on a gold chain should do the trick. 


Sign 4 Your jewelry box needs an upgrade

We have all had these moments. You're sick and tired of the same old jewelry you've had for years. This is the number one sign you need some jewelry with meaning. Cornicello jewelry is not just ordinary jewelry, it's lucky jewelry. Upgrade your life and jewelry box with a cornicello or two. 


Sign 5: You keep seeing cornos everywhere

Everyone you know is starting to wear corno jewelry, you see them in your instagram feed, at the deli or maybe Nonna got out her old charm necklace. When your mind starts to filter out all the cornos in your life, its time.


When the signs are there, it's time to get yourself a cornicello or two.  


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