6 Daily Rituals To Boost Your Luck And Change Your Life

6 Daily Rituals To Boost Your Luck And Change Your Life | Bella Luck Charms

One of the most powerful and effective ways to boost your luck in life is through practicing daily rituals. 

The power of developing habits change our perspective on life, give us clarity and help us create our own reality which all contribute to a more luckier and successful life. 

Here are 6 daily rituals you can use to boost your luck and change your life.


 1. Believe it and live it

Studies have shown lucky people believe they're lucky. If you want to be more lucky, you have to believe it for yourself with your whole heart. And not just believe it but live it. People who believe they're lucky  are unshakeable. So start believing you are lucky and watch your life begin to change.


2. Practice Gratitude 

A daily ritual that kick starts your positive vibes is feeling grateful. Every morning write down 5 things you're grateful for. Writing down everything you are grateful for everyday is a beautiful daily practice of gratitude will change your perspective one day at a time.


3. Listen to affirmations and uplifting music

Listening to uplifting music and affirmations either recorded by yourself or on a playlist not only changes the frequency of your mind it helps your subconscious marinate with new thoughts and beliefs. Listen to 'I am' affirmations while on your daily walk or at work and watch your belief system slowly transform. 


4. Choose a lucky charm and believe in it! 

Some people believe in feng shui others have a favorite pair of socks they wear or maybe you have a lucky keepsake you carry with you. Whatever your charm or ritual, believe in it and practice it consistently. The more you believe, the more it works!


5. Karma

Do good in this world and it shall be returned to you. Whether you believe in karma or not just practicing kindness will see doors open and opportunities come your way. So start cultivating positive karma and the results will speak for themselves. 


6. Spirituality 

Often when we're looking for answers, we turn inwards. The power of prayer can transform yourself and others. If you're looking for luck and  a change sometimes there is only one thing to do, turn within and ask for guidance. 


Start developing your daily rituals and habits for a luckier and more successful life today. 

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