7 reasons why you need a lucky evil eye ornament

7 reasons why you need a lucky evil eye ornament

Forget your Nonna's old Italian Horn she had for good luck because there is a new generation of modern Italian evil eye tiles that even your Nonna would of loved! 

Here are 6 reasons why you need to hang these lucky beauties in your home today. 


1. Invite luck into the home

You may not believe in the evil eye but there is no denying seeing a daily reminder 'good luck' will make anybody feel more positive or lucky in their own life. So if a lucky charm can help you invite more luck into your home and life the more the merrier! 


2. Protect against the malocchio 

Italians are a superstitious bunch and many believe in the malocchio or evil eye. According to legend that goes back thousands of years, the malocchio is like a curse and is when someone sends bad vibes your way. It could be in the form of jealousy, envy, misfortune or even illness.


3. They make great unique gifts

A cornicello hanging charm is a unique gift and keepsake people will hang in their homes for generations. We all remember the red horn our Nonna's use to hang above the doorway and how special it was to her. Give the gift of luck and protection and know that your gift will be treasured for a lifetime. 


4. Timeless Design

The Italian watercolor tile designs are famous throughout southern Italy and have been used for hundreds if not thousands of years. The ceramic tile designs never go out of fashion. The classic Italian design, colors and designs used are traditional with a modern twist. 


5. Hang anywhere in the home 

A cornicello ceramic ornament is versatile and can be hung anywhere throughout the home. Hang above doors, doorknobs, on vision boards, kitchen cabinets and even in the garden! You can hang an Italian evil eye tile pretty much anywhere. 


6. Corno or mano? You decide!

Not only can you get the traditional red cornicello but you can get the famous horned hand as lucky charms too. The Mano Cornuto hand charm is said to send negative energy way and is always positioned downwards. Hang an Italian Horned Hand Charm in the home for evil eye protection and good fortune.


7. Keep traditions alive

The cornicello has stood the test time so play your part and keep our Italian traditions alive! A charm ornament is a special keepsake that will be enjoyed for generations. 


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