What Makes The Amalfi Coast So Special

What Makes The Amalfi Coast So Special | Bella Luck Charms

Everyone talks about it. Everyone shares pictures of it. Everyone visits at least once in their lifetime. The Amalfi Coast is just one of those places you have to see to believe. So what is so special about the Amalfi Coast?

The tiny 25-mile coastline along the Tyrrhenian sea has been Alluring and captivating people for thousands of years.


Here are a few reasons why:


The Lemons

Amalfi and the surrounding towns are known for their lemons. Often plump and distinctively strong in their flavour. The Amalfi coast has the best lemons in the world.

You will see them everywhere. Hanging off clifftop terraces. Intertwined on picturesque paths by the sea and of course, there's Limoncello. The famous Lemon Liqueur. You will also see lemons in pottery designs and added to pasta and salads. The lemons of the Amalfi Coast not only soothe the soul but they are a feast for one's eye. 

What Makes The Amalfi Coast So Amazing | Bella Luck Charms.

 The Romans

When the Roman's discovered the Amalfi Coast they made it their playground.  The aristocracy started building villas long before it was cool in fact they made it cool. The Amalfi Coast vacation homes were the place where tyrants retreated to, senators holidayed and wives were exiled (not a bad place to be sent to!).

The Romans recognised beauty when they found it and they made it better building on clifftops and growing fresh produce from the unique fertile soil. The Amalfi towns all have Roman origins and all are still the playgrounds of the rich and famous. 

The Food

It's not hard to convince anyone Italy has the most amazing cuisine in the world and Amalfi Coast makes is no different. The coastal location has the freshest seafood available and has attracted some of the best chefs in the world. But the local cuisine is sure to satisfy any Italian food lover.

Amalfi Coast Food l | Bella Luck Charms

The Terraces

The famous clifftop towns of Positano and Ravello are known for their Terraces and windy road adding to the majestic charm of the seaside coast. You will see balconies precariously perched looking over the Mediterranean. Hilltop churches and restaurants are nestled among rocky cliff edges. The views are amazing looking out to the sea but the views of the terraces are even better.

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