9 Ways You Can Have An Amazing Lucky Year

9 Ways You Can Have An Amazing Lucky Year | Bella Luck Charms

Your luckiest year is finally here and it's not as hard as you think! It's time to maximise your luck, attract opportunities and finally get lady luck on your side.

Here are 9 Easy Ways You Can Have An Amazing Lucky Year!

1. Recession? Depression? We ain't participating! 

Dr Ivan Misner famously said 'I refuse to participate in a recession!'. Mindset is everything and one of the most powerful beliefs you can have is whatever the economy throws at you, throw it right back out. Don't believe the hype, many millionaires are made in recessions and even more businesses thrive in recessions. 

2. Leverage your network and build new connections 

Lucky people are out there and they are proactive. Utilising their current networks and meeting new people. They maximise their opportunities and watch new opportunities flow to them. They stumble across new products, hobbies, investments and even love at first sight so it's time to get out there more!

3. Affirmations

Luck is a mindset and way of life for the lucky but how did these chosen few get this way? Through repetitive reinforcement. They believe and say they are lucky everyday. Affirmations should be written down and spoken everyday. Here are a few different approaches and examples:

  • I am so lucky I am winning prizes all the time
  • Remember when I got that six figure promotion?
  • Why am I so damn lucky? 

4. Listen to your intuition

We have all had those experiences when we knew we shouldn't have made that choice and the effect it had on our lives. Lady luck often sends us messages but we often ignore those hunches or doubt that niggling feeling that tells us otherwise.

Lucky people know when their internal compass is calling and what move to make next or what path to go down. They trust their intuition and go with their gut.

5. Optimism is the only way

It seems common sense but lucky people are the optimists of our world. They expect the best and get the best. Being optimistic is the only way as the alternative is being pessimistic and everyone knows a pessimistic person never gets lucky. So do yourself a favour and start seeing things with a more optimistic perspective.

6. Banish bad vibes and attract good karma

The Italians call it the malocchio, others the evil eye. The best way to protect against bad vibes is wish luck on others and wish them well and this in turn attracts good luck to you. Lucky people never wish ill on anyone and stay in their own lane. 

7. Get a lucky charm

Studies have shown lucky amulets do work especially when you really believe in them! Whether its the lucky charm itself or the belief in the superstition, science has proven the result is always more favourable. So choose your charm wisely and start believing. 

8. Be grateful

Have you ever noticed lucky people just have an aura about them? They never complain and are just grateful? Practicing gratitude is the single most powerful mindset you can have. When you are grateful you feel lucky and attract more luck into your life. Like attracts like. 

9. Synchronicity is real

There is something powerful when you write something down and the next day you have a strange coincidence. Lucky people know what they want, know who they are and don't believe in random coincidences. So write it all down and watch synchronicity appear right before your eyes. 

Thanks for reading and good luck to everyone for the year ahead!


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