Meet the founders of Bella Luck Charms 

Bella Luck Charms was established in 2020 by entrepreneur sisters Lana and Nicole Cappelleri in their hometown of Melbourne, Australia. 

Combining their rich Italian heritage and passion for online business they have founded one of the largest Italian jewelry stores online, specializing in the famous cornicello. 

Nicole Cappelleri


Nicole is a true creative and serial entrepreneur that has created books, courses and many websites over the years. 

'My dream has always been to start an online business I was passionate about where I could be creative everyday, be independent and have freedom. I finally achieved it with the help of my sister and we are truly amazed how much the cornicello has inspired people around the world.'

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Lana has been a lover of fashion and jewelry since she can remember. Combining all her passions of jewelry, business and Italy has been a dream come true. 

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