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Sicily and Surrounding Areas

Bella Luck Charms sources all its jewelry from the artisans of Catania in Sicily, Naples and Calabria. Italy has long been known to have some of the finest gold and silver jewelry makers in the world. 

Their techniques have been passed down for generations. Not only does Italy have the most skilled artisans, Italians are renowned for their unique style and creativity. 

 About Catania

Catania is a city located in Sicily - The Island off the boot of Italy. The ancient port city has been trading fine goods for thousands of years. Roman ruins are scattered through out the city and the famous volcano Mount Etna is ever so present for-shadowing in the background. 



Our Charms and Pendants 

Gold Cornicello and Sunburst Charm Necklace | Bella Luck Charms

Bella Luck Charms directly imports its charms, pendants (including the famous cornicello necklaces) from Catania. Working with the artisans of Sicily we work directly to source unique good luck charms including the high quality gold and silver chains.


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