Do you ship overseas?

Yes, we ship to the U.S, Canada, Europe, Australia and New Zealand (pretty much everywhere). Check out our Shipping page for more information. 

The necklace I want is out of stock! When will it be back?

All our restocks are announced on our Instagram Stories and our newsletters. Sign up here so you never miss out.

Can I create a custom necklace with the charms I want?

Our necklaces come complete as a set however we may be able to help. Please email us at info@bellaluckcharms.com and let us know what you were after.

What part of Italy does your jewelry come from?

Our cornicello jewelry is made mainly in Catania, Sicily or sourced from other areas in southern Italy.

Is your jewelry real gold?

Our 18K Gold Collection is solid gold and made in Italy. All our other items unless specified as '18K gold' are Argento 925 silver and gold plated. 

What is a cornicello and what is it's meaning?

Read about the cornicello here.

How do I get the layered look like in the pictures?

You can purchase additional chains here for the layered look. 

Do you sell the charms on their own?

We currently sell our necklaces and bracelets as a complete set. If you're after a custom piece please email us at info@bellaluckcharms.com.