The Lucky Ladybug and Italian Superstition

The Lucky Ladybug and Italian Superstition

The ladybird or ladybug is a lucky charm throughout Italy. You will see the lucky la Coccinella or ladybug on jewelry, in lottery stores, hanging off keychains and even on ceramics too!

The Italians have many superstitions and the lucky ladybug can be traced back thousands years to the bible. 

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As kids we were taught if we saw a ladybug it was good luck, make a wish and never to harm one. Others believe it is a sign of love, money, happiness or good weather is on it's way. 

But just how did the adorable red spotted bellied bug come about as a sign of good luck?

The Farming Theory

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One of the most popular theories is that ladybugs became a sign of good luck because they were a natural pesticide.

Ladybugs feast on aphids and other pests which assisted farmers with their crops so it was only natural that they would become a sign of good times to come. 

The Virgin Mary

The name ladybug is said to be derived from the Virgin Mary often referred to - Our Lady. And we all know how obsessed the Italians are with the Virgin Mary.

There is also a legend that the Virgin Mary sent ladybugs to protect crops and that the spots represented the Seven Sorrows of Mary.

The Red Coat

Red in many cultures is seen as lucky and in Italy you will see many lucky charms in their trademark red. The Italian Horn or Cornicello charm is red and although ladybirds come in many different colors we associate them with their famous red coat. 

The ladybug is an endearing lucky charm that has stood the test of time and like all lucky charms choose the one that captivates you. 


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